One Man, Two Guvnors

The Alley Theater season has started and it is off with a big bang. I am sure I have been to the theater before, but the renovation made me turn my head around a few times. It is absolutely gorgeous.  I was running late, and thankful that Sunday parking is much easier to find than other days. I had no idea what was in store for  One Man, Two Guvnors.

Despite being late, the staff were very friendly with helping me find a seat. I had to scramble to the late seats but was thankful I did not miss many parts of the show. I was shocked to learn that this show was based in England in the late 60s. Even more shocking, the English adaptation was from the 1740 Venetian commedia The Servant of Two Masters. Within five minutes of my arrival, I heard a reference to Australia and was tickled. There were many references to Australia throughout the show. Having lived there for 2 years, I really was all in after that.

The show was absolutely fascinating. I typically have no idea when to laugh at British jokes. I am not sure if I have become partially Aussie or the show was Americanized British humor…regardless, my face was in stitches. As a former thespian, I was surprised that the 4th wall was broken several times. It was done so well that I wanted more. Each line was like catching fast balls and you really had to be alert to keep up.

During intermission, I must have really been lolly gagging because by the time I got my drink, I was rushing to go back inside. I am not sure if seeing the second act after chugging a glass of wine (I actually left half of it ) was a good idea. The show was already hilarious without a drink.

I was delighted to be able to experience One man, Two Guvnors. It was a pleasant surprise to have enjoyed the show so much. Every single actor was superb. Even the scene changes were entertaining. I am looking forward to other shows this season and excited to be able to experience theater in the revived building.


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