Happy Hour

Tonight I met a friend for Happy Hour and we had a bit of difficulty getting to a spot. Most of my favorites on my list were going to be difficult to get to because of traffic. I was excited to try out Eleven Eleven only to find it out it was closed. We settled for Rosemont Social Bar. Cute concept but the service was lacking. We went next door to Uchi and the wait was an eternity…so we settled for Paulie’s.

It doesn’t take much to satisfy the Bohemian in me. They had me at the wooden cases for their ipads/cash register. I love white decor at restaurants and there were plenty of white lines for me to at least pretend it was clean. I initially had a hard time finding a warm vegetarian meal….then after looking the menu 50 times, I finally saw panini. At last.

When the giganormous panini came out, it was already too much for me to eat (though after eating one half,I felt I could eat more…but had to suffocate my inner big girl). I was just in Atlanta where I had “normal” serving sizes. Eating in Texas, you forget that there is a regular size…then Texas size. Which Texas size becomes your new normal…which is actually abnormal.

I enjoyed my meal and hope that my leftovers make it until tomorrow. What also caught my eye was Camerata next door. It was a great wine spot a few doors down and also owned by Paulie’s. I see they have classes coming up and they all seem to be centered around wine. There is even one around Cider. Uhm, did the memo go out about my obsession with a good cider. Yummy!

So, though we did not make it to happy hour, I was pleased with my final destination. Another one of those hidden gems in Houston that I have literally passed on Westheimer 100 times. I am always excited to discover new places that make me feel like I have been there all my life.

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