Cabo Verde (Cape Verde)

I have always wanted to go to the Motherland and am very overdue. I think it is the last continent on the list for me to visit (not counting Antarctica). My friend of Avontade Tours is planning a trip in October leaving from Rhode Island.

Joli is a Cape Verdean-American that has relocated to Cape Verde. I love her stories about being an expat (I overstand) and how she finds joys in simple things there. In addition to bringing people to the island through her photography and tours, Joli also has a non-profit to tutor young boys on the island. She is moving, shaking but not stirred.

I really would love to go on this trip and invite you to consider going. Slots are closing fast and this is a great opportunity to bond with women from all over the US.


Trip info:

Cabo Verde

Oct 23-30, 2015

1, week, 2 islands, all the relaxation and fun you’ve been craving!

Recuperate from your busy life… Reconnect with nature and yourself…

Reunite with your inner child and your inner diva… Revive your joyous and sensual self!


Price includes: Flights (Providence/Praia, CV; Santiago/Sal Islands, CV), 5 nights hotel in Praia and 2 nights all

inclusive resort in Sal (double occupancy; an additional $450 for private rooms), airport transfers and ground

transportation in Cabo Verde, welcome reception with food and open bar, activities including tours, inclusive

yacht ride, spa activity, sunrise/set yoga and other sessions, CV souvenir goodie bag.

$400 non-refundable deposit must be made by March 15 to reserve your spot.

Additional payments: Apr 15 $400* | May 15 $550* | July 15 $550 | Sept 1 $549 *non-refundable

W W W . A V O N T A D E – T O U R S . C O M | 8 6 0 . 8 4 1 . 1 3 2 2

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