Phoenicia Speciality Grocery and MKT Restaurant

I have heard about Phoenicia Specialty Grocery store for years but never experienced it. Yesterday, we were invited for lunch before we hung out at Discovery Green Park. I walked into the store overwhelmed. I was upset that after 6 years of living in Houston, I am just visiting. The combination of grocery, quick bites, restaurant and a performance activated all of my senses.

I ended up with a falafel plate that was just ok compared to Fadi’s. Nevertheless, I loved the ambiance, music and decor. I look forward to trying out the MKT restaurant and upcoming shows. It is definitely a must stop when you are in downtown Houston.

The Beginning

Houston is growing and I am excited. With the growth comes an abundance of events and things to do. This site will serve as a way that I can organize my best picks for things to do in the city. If you attend an event and have feedback, feel free to leave comments. I look forward to exploring the city with you.